Practice the present indicative -ar verb endings

How to use:

The opening screen has an -ar verb listed at the top. Clicking/touching the verb puts a line that separates the -ar. Dragging off the ending removes the -ar. Dragging across the stem removes the verb completely and the train car endings become draggable. The reset removes the verb or starts over. The verbs along the bottom are buttons to switch to other common -ar verbs.

The Mix button puts the train car verb endings to the bottom of the screen and mixes them. They can be dragged. The teacher can ask students to find and match the correct ending based on a subject or subject pronoun. Clicking the mix button multiple times resets the train cars and mixes them again. The reset button takes you back to the opening screen

The Test button is a short challenge for students to match all the verb endings. A correct match sounds a train whistle. An incorrect match creates an explosion. The reset button takes you back to the opening screen.

The exit button has been disabled so close the browser window to exit.

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