Guess the Word (Hang Man)


Students guess letters to solve a word.

Points are earned by the team for correct guesses.

Keep track of the score on your whiteboard.

How this works:

Students are divided into teams. The turn moves from team to team. Each team gets only 1 guess per turn, regardless if they find a letter or not.

The student calls out the letter in Spanish and the teacher presses the letter on the keyboard.

Letters should not be repeated. Used letters will show up on the screen. Accented letters count as separate letters and can be entered using the numbers 0-6.

If a wrong letter is chosen, the team loses 100 points. If a correct letter is chosen, the team earns 300 points, regardless of how many of the same letters are found. The team that solves the word earns 1000 points. The team that uses the last guess, loses 500 points.

A team can only solve the word when its their turn and at least half the letters are filled in.



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